Graduating in Gaza

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Hello world! This is Aya Iyad Salama, a 21 years old, half Palestinian half Algerian girl, based her whole life in the largest open air prison (Gaza). This year was supposed to be my graduation year from university, as I am studying English translation in Al Azhar university which unfortunately has bombed by israeli airstrike.  Israel cuts off the electricity, water, fuel, food supplies, and medical aids from Gaza, which all of them are life necessities! We could barely find water to drink however it is also not safe to drink, wash our clothes (by hands sure), and cook. Taking a shower is a luxury at this time. The goods in the markets almost ended. Many people sleep on the bakery door so they can have bread before the sunset, because every day there is a long line of people waiting to buy bread.

Al Azhar university in Gaza bombed 6 November 2023

    All this suffering isn’t enough for Israel. They also forced about 1.5 million citizens expelled from the north of Gaza to the south, repeating the displacement of 1948 (Al-Nakbah). Although they have been targeted during displacement. Many families have no place to go, so they go to schools and hospitals, and some of them are staying in their homes because there’s no capacity to receive more refugees. Unfortunately, even schools and hospitals, which are supposed to be shelters for Palestinian, are not safe at all. We have witnessed the bombardments of schools, hospitals, mosques, churches, bakeries, and universities which they are supposed to be protected by international humanitarian laws, and throwing white phosphorus near them which is internationally banned. Israel has been broken international law, and the world is still blind.

    We have a say in Arabic بالمال ولا بالعيال   which means: it’s better to lose money rather than souls. But we deeply know that it is not OK. Every building in Gaza is made by the hard work of dozens of years. Many people have lost their home or their work space, losing their joyness and memories. No one knows when will be his turn. We are living with the fear of losing our souls, our beloved ones, and our homes. Our conversations with our relatives and friends are limited by  “Are u OK?” replying “yes, we’re still alive.”

     It is worth mentioning the disastrous situations in schools and hospitals. Besides sleeping on the floor and in front of doors because there is not enough place for them, each person has one bread to feed himself all the day, and a bottle of water for at least 3 persons (if they are found by the way)!. Because of the lack of medical aids, places, and equipment, doctors are forced to do some operations to the wounded without any anesthetization, they’re also forced to choose to help people with more chance to live.

    This genocide must stop. We need a ceasefire urgently. We’re not numbers, every one of us has family, friends, dreams, and thoughts. The scenes of killing the innocent civilians and the destruction can not be normal. Please educate yourself, read more about history, see the videos and photos of truth, don’t be blind anymore, and don’t follow the Israeli propaganda. You’re our voice, put yourself in our shoe and spread the truth.

P.s we wake up today in a massive explosion near us at Al Maghazi refugee camp, our home windows was broken, and it cause a massacres and left more than 45 murdered and up to 60 wounded and more still under rubble.


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