Today the UK government is one of several that deny that Armenians suffered genocide in 1915. Yet remarkably, the UK government acknowledged and denounced the Armenian Genocide as early as 1915.

“It was a long-considered, deliberate policy to destroy and wipe out of existence the Armenians in Turkey”

This was how Foreign Office Minister Lord Robert Cecil announced the British Government’s position in 1915, the year of the genocide. His statement was a textbook definition of genocide.

Eight years later, under diplomatic pressure from Turkey, the government started denying that a genocide happened.

To this day, they continue to deny the Armenian genocide.

Mike Joseph addresses parliamentary session

In parliament

Ten years ago I brought this uncomfortable history of policy U-turns to parliament, and addressed members from most parties and both Houses. Today nothing has changed. The UK government remains in denial.

Here is an unedited transcript of my 2008 presentation:

Responsibility of the UK parliament